No. The UMEE bottle can only work when its unique anti-colic vent system is installed properly.

The innovative vent sits on the bottle neck allowing air into the bottle and preventing a vacuum from building up inside it. Just like during breastfeeding a steady flow of milk is provided only when your baby suckles, thus minimizing the risk of colic symptoms.

Breastfeeding is the healthiest way to feed your baby. However, if you decide to feed your baby with a bottle you should make sure the bottle you use is as close as possible to breastfeeding.

All umee bottles have 3 unique advantages which bring them as close as possible to breastfeeding:

  1. Anti colic ventthat allows an easy flow of liquid while preventing teat collapse.
  2. Insulated add on covercreates a more natural feed by keeping the ideal temperature for longer while feeding.
  3. Specially designed nippleteat shape which helps to combine breast and bottle feeding, contributes to a more natural feel while feeding.

UMEE offers a 6m+ X cut teat which allows thicker formula to flow easily.

We offer 5 different stages of teats. For your convenience we have created the following table to assist you in understanding which UMEE teat your baby needs:

The UMEE soft silicone teat has been especially designed to combine breast and bottle feeding. UMEE teats allow your baby to control the flow of milk. Its wide base allows your baby to open his mouth in the same way as in breast feeding, and thus preventing teat collapse while feeding.

It has been proven in an extensive study carried out at Stanford University that it is healthier for babies to drink milk which has been maintained at the ideal temperature. The UMEE insulated see-through cover keeps the original food temperature for longer. Therefore, UMEE’s insulated cover is vital in offering baby a natural, healthy feeding experience.

It is not recommended to heat milk in a microwave as it may cause the creation of ‘hot spots’ in the milk.

We believe in a cleaner and better environment, that’s why all UMEE products can be recycled.

All UMEE bottles and components are BPA free. The bottles are made out of high quality polypropylene.

Nonetheless, all UMEE bottles are easy to clean due to their special design and high quality.

For sterilization method, please read the manufacturer instructions.

Alternatively, wash the products and sterilize them by placing all the parts in boiling water for five minutes.

All UMEE baby products are dishwasher safe. We advise all UMEE products be placed on the top rack of the dishwasher, to avoid any parts being misplaced.

Comes with stage 1 or stage 2 silicone teat (depends on the size of 160ml or 260ml)

You can warm up the bottle before feeding using any warming method you prefer. After the liquid is at the desired temperature simply place the insulated cover on the bottle in order to maintain the foods temperature.

Yes, all UMEE products are BPA and Phthalates free.

No. Dispose of any baby bottles that are made from Polycarbonate (a material which contains Bisphenol-A).

Any more questions? Our customer service loves to help you!