UMEE’s ergonomically designed Glass bottles are the ultimate feeding solution for your baby. UMEE bottles provide a steady flow only when baby suckles, helping you combine bottle and breast feeding. The unique air vent helps reduce colic symptoms, while the original insulator maintains the liquid’s temperature for a more natural feeding experience.


Bottle Glass (-40ºc ~ +600ºc) Ring / Cap – PP (Polypropylene) (-18ºc ~ +120ºc) Vent – TechPoly & Silicone (-18ºc ~ +120ºc) Silicone Teat(-18ºc ~ +120ºc)
150ml, 240ml
Single Pack
Silicone Sleeve
No Sleeve, Blue, Yellow, Pink,Turquoise


The bottle’s ergonomically shaped teats and the unique one-piece air vent provide a steady liquid flow released when the baby suckles. This gives you better control over liquid flow to facilitate combining breast and bottle feeding. The advanced teat and air vent also reduce the vacuum effect to help reduce colic symptoms. Made of medically hi-graded and heat-proof glass, completely seamless and smooth surface to stop accumulation of milk residue. Comes with stage 1 or stage 2 silicone teat (depends on the size of 150ml or 240ml), and one piece air vent.

Soft Touch LATCH Teat Easy Stretchable teat

Patented ZL 2013 3 0327056.4
It support easy and smooth transition from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding and back to breastfeeding. The teat shape enjoys our original unique 3cm Golden Ratio, ergonomic shape with additional 4 new innovative features making feeding easier and joyful.

umee clean flow vent

Patented ZL 2010 1 0574099.8
4-point (air holes), one piece air vent which allows air into the bottle to reduce vaccum and relieve colic symtoms.

Silicone sleeve(buy separate)

Patented ZL 201330327166.0
The silicone sleeve gives the bottle first-rate protection against knocks and bumps. But please be reminded that babies should always feed under adult supervision. The silicone sleeve is not a guarantee against breaks or damage.

Highest quality borosillicate glass

Made of premium quality, pharmacy-grade borosilicate glass. Heat and thermal shock resistant